Elderly Man Spent 10 Years Turning 150-Ft-Long Hedge Into A Stunning Dragon

For every artist there must be time. Painting a picture, writing a book, making a movie…all of these projects and so many more can take years to complete. Today we add topiary to the list, just in case it wasn’t there already. The artist’s name: John Brooker. His project: A 150 foot long dragon cut from the bushes alongside his rather lovely UK cottage.

For the past fourteen years, the 75 year-old Brooker has been snipping, pruning, and trimming the enormous dragon into being. And when one actually lays eyes on the beast, Brooker’s care for his work shows. The dragon’s mighty head grins at passers-by. One glace is all it takes to see eyes, scales, fangs, and even a pair of nostrils that look real enough to flare at any moment. Beyond the head stretches a long body of spiky vertebrae that’s sure to encourage lovers of that old movie about a boy and his luck dragon to jump aboard for a ride.

Brooker got the idea while staring out his window one morning at his hedges. He thought: These are boring. How can I fix them? He started by cutting some arches along the top, just for fun. Not long afterward it struck him how much the arches looked like the back of a dragon. Well, he next told himself, gotta have a head then. So he got to work on the head.

Topiary art dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, but John Brooker didn’t need quite that much time to bring his idea to fruition. Then again, he still works on it whenever he can. It’s a must, for the bushes are always growing. As will the imagination and wonder of any who happen see this fabulous work of art.

More info: BBC