Elegantly Hand Carved Pearl Fairy Skulls

When we look at jewelry today, you most often see silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Studying the overall look including the quality, shape, color, size, and so forth. What we don’t see as frequently are pearls. Many people tend to write them off because they don’t seem as special as a diamond that can be custom cut. However, pearls come in several different colors and sizes. Not many people know that no two pearls are the same. Each one is authentic by nature. They are created with calcium carbonate in minute crystalline being deposited into several layers of circles. The classic white pearls were the very first ever to be farmed. These types of classic white pearls are named Akoya pearls. They can cost for these pearls can cost up to thousands of dollars. Then there are also Tahiatian pearls. With Tahitian pearls they base the pearls pricing on size and quality. When choosing a pearl many things go into play. Such as color, size, luster, smoothness from blemishes, and shape. Pearls are simply just beautiful and stand out when worn.

These underrated pieces of nature have recently received a new style. A Japanese artist by the name Shinji Nakaba had a different vision of pearls. His vision was to create something unprecedented and of new life. He has been designing jewelry for more than thirty years. He has made jewelry out of a variety of everyday items including cans, bottles, and even trash. Nakaba decided to step out of the box and create a totally unique style to his pearls. He started carving tiny skulls using the pearls. These Fairy Skulls as they are referred to, are smaller in size than most berries.

Nakaba also made several attempts with other types of gems and stones to craft these Fairy Skulls. Eventually, he determined that the pearls were the best option for his new creation. He often carves the word “Vanitas” which means vanity in Laton onto his skulls, possibly in reference and tribute to the sixteenth and seventeenth century funeral art. There is a contradiction between pristine pearls turning into dark objects, but that is precisely how the Fairy Skulls were born. Only pearls can turn a short life into the utter most beautiful reality. He takes his time with each unique pearl when carving the skulls so that he doesn’t cause them to lose their beauty. Although Shinji carves other stones and produces a variety of jewelry, this one of its kind skulls are his favorite. His work has been featured at several art galleries and museums.

Using the pearls to make the Fairy Skulls has a fantastic way of making dark yet beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings and pins. You can also visit his website to view and purchase these works of art. On the website you can buy a variety of other beautiful gems, necklaces, perfume, and jewelry pieces. All pieces are designed and created from beginning to end by the artist.

More info : work.s-nakaba.com