1955 Ford “Beatnik” is a Remarkable Bubble-Roofed Custom Car

A New York bespoke car developer Gary “Chopit” Fioto did a classic job on the Bubbletop genre and built “Beatnik” by customizing a 1955 Ford in the late 50s. Named after his car club, “Beatniks,” he developed the biggest-ever Bubbletop for this car.

This bubble-roofed Ford is a complete custom job with its lifted, full teardrop skirts front and rear, pancaked hood, rolled and folded pearl white Naugahyde interior and razor-like tailfins. Inside, it has aircraft control yoke-enthused steering wheel and round dash pod. In short, every component, it has, shows the greatest skills of Fioto that won him the $20,000 Grand Prize at Darryl Starbird’s National Rod and Custom Car Show, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2006.

“I don’t always know what I’ll do when I start,” Fioto stated “but I can see the result as I’m working.”

Gary Fioto

Constructing the 1955 Ford Beatnik wasn’t easy; Fioto took four years to complete this custom job. He first detached the roof of the stock 55 Ford and installed a customized ’88 Lincoln Town Car chassis and some new parts for the gearbox to avoid running mechanical issues. The result was a ’55 Ford, which kept a very few elements of its own.

The 1955 Ford Beatnik was auctioned for $360,000 + commission at the Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction in Monterey, California in August 2015. The price it fetched shows how remarkable is this Bubbletop.