25 Times Animals Asked People For Help

It’s easy for humans to ask for help. But when animals ask for help, it’s a much more precious feeling. Like this snake asking a man for a sip of water; Or this Elephant asking calmly to have a bullet removed from its head; or how about this Mama Fox asking for a hand with her babies. Yup, its pure moments like these which create that beautiful bond we have with nature! But before we can tell you beautiful stories of wholesome human and animal interactions, make sure to subscribe to 4 ever Green and press the bell icon! Here are 25 Animals Who Asked People for Help!
 I live in apartments with lots of wooded areas behind me. We see lots of different animals, but with several dumpsters we have many Racoons. One morning early I went to throw my trash out, and a whole family was circling the dumpster and was obviously distressed so when I looked in one of the little babies was left behind and with the dumpster being pretty empty it couldn't jump high enough to exit out the side door. So I found a long tree branch near by and the family seemed to calm down and just watched as I stuck the branch down into the dumpster, then I walked away some. 

Not long after here it came and mama jumped up to meet her baby..before leaving they all seem to be thankful making their voice be heard .. Elephant seeking medical help to remove a large bullet from his skull. That says a lot about knowing which humans he can trust. He definitely knows the difference between poachers and those watching over the preserve. It can be astounding just how intelligent these huge creatures really are. 

Thankfully the Preserve Rangers were there too help the big beast. 👍 The outlaw poachers who continue with this horrific crime will one day find justice has caught up with them, and that people no longer tolerate their kind. Their days are diminishing .
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