Brown Bear Charges Kid At Garbage Dump (Watch)


You ever wonder why trash cans in bear country look like safe deposit boxes? It’s because bears absolutely LOVE digging through trash.

Bears can hunt, fish, and forage for their own food, but nothing is easier for them to munch on then the table scraps left behind by humans.

The video below comes from the Alaska Film Archives. It shows a big brown bear in southeast Alaska rummaging around a garbage dump. The video is being filmed by a kid sitting in a car not too far away.

Check out the clip below. It’s embedded to start right before the action.

The video was pretty uneventful until the bear suddenly starts charging towards the vehicle. The kid can be heard saying, “Start the car!” in a fit of laughter.

He’s not really in danger, but nobody is necessarily comfortable with a brown bear charging them whether they’re in a vehicle or not, right?

Great clip, and surely a memory these folks will never forget.

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