Craziest 1 in a Trillion Moments Caught On Camera

In a world where cameras are pretty much everywhere, it’s all that much easier to capture some pretty crazy stuff. But there are still things happening that you will not believe, even with the video evidence right in front of your very eyes! From the reptilian BFFs to the cheekiest monkey of all time, here’s 20 Incredible Moments Caught on Camera

This was truly a feel good video. With only one downer. Plastic trash. That was very bad and sad. We used to turn glass bottles back to the store. You paid a deposit when you bought it, when you took it back to the store you got your deposit back!! Great system, no waste!!. My family always gets together for bdays and have pizza and cake and sing happy birthday, then we had one for my grandson but now he thinks there all for him, he sits there smiling while we sing and he blows out the candles, it’s so cute he’s 4 😂


The alligator looks like a juvenile - doesn't have jaws big enough to put a true bite on one of the turtles. And the markings on the backs of the shell tell me those turtles are razorbacks and they always EDC. Gator would know better than to try anything...
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