20 Most Terrible Deep Sea Creatures You've Never Seen Before


Exploring the depths of the ocean is a little bit like reflecting on our own minds... it's fun for three minutes and then the scary stuff arrives. But if you're still interested in taking a look at all the nightmares the ocean holds... well, this is the video for you, my friends. From a supervillain-y fish to a nightmarish-looking... thing, let's meet the 20 Most Terrible Deep Sea Creatures You've Never Seen Before!

It’s hard to compress the ocean can be that deep. Some of these creatures I’ve never seen or heard of. I’m from Corpus Christi Texas & been out on a lot of shrimp boats & I’ve seen some wild creatures in the nets. It’s just amazing what’s down there.

I saw a photo of an angler fish on the cover of national geographic when I was a kid... it literally have me nightmares for years... it was demonic looking! I grew up in a religious home where demons were tasked about... so it, to me, looked like what would torture me in hell should I curse or disobey my parents or sin in anyway! Lol

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