How the fate of the «girl on a basketball» turned out. She is now 21 years old

How the fate of the «girl on a basketball» turned out. She is now 21 years old

How often have we heard the phrase «Don’t give up», but sometimes it’s just a set of words not supported by action. The fate of the little Chinese girl Qian Hingyan has inspired many people with disabilities. Qian was deprived of her legs since childhood, but this only strengthened her strength of spirit and she was able to become multiple champions at various levels.

We were amazed by this strong girl Qian Hongyan and decided to tell you her amazing story.

Qian is originally from Yunnan Province. At the age of 4, she experienced a terrible accident, as a result of which she survived, but was left without legs. Her family was very poor and they could not buy prostheses for the girl.

At first, her parents carried her in their arms, and then Grandfather Qian came up with a way for her granddaughter to move independently. He cut a basketball and put her there, and in her hands, he handed two construction tools on which she leaned.

This photo of Qian flew around a lot of public and media. The journalists gave the girl the nickname «the girl on the basketball». The baby, like all children, attended school, but it took her about an hour to get there, although the school was 7 minutes from home. But she did not despair, such moments hardened her strength of spirit. In 5 years, Qian has worn out 8 basketballs.

In 2007, thanks to the support of the government, the girl still managed to get prosthetics, her first steps were also captured.

In 2008, she closely followed the progress of the Paralympics, which was just held in China. Then Qian had a new hobby-swimming, she dreamed of performing at these international competitions.

«I was jealous of my classmates. After school, they ran and jumped, and I couldn’t do it. But I really love swimming, because I have the opportunity to be in the same water as them, » Qian said in an interview.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Qian failed to qualify for the Paralympic Games in London, but she did not despair and continued training, and in September 2013, the girl received new prostheses.

Every day she swam about 10 thousand meters. Qian participated in various competitions at the local and national levels and won awards more than once. And finally, in 2016, the girl received a cherished invitation to the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Then she failed to climb the podium, but she was in the top ten. Qian Hongyan has not lost hope of competing at the next Paralympics, which will be held in Tokyo in 2020. Now she is 21 years old, she continues to train and prepare for the next international competitions.

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