Most Satisfying Skillful Workers - Amazing Factory Machines and Ingenious Tools

I've always been totally captivated by industrial processes! You almost forget to notice the incredible skill of the operators - one move out of time, and you'll pull back a stump!! A lot of this is oddly hypnotic to watch. I'm sure some of these videos are sped up but it's amazing how quickly and proficiently people and machines can work.

I can't help but be struck by how dangerous, labor intensive and just crazy hard so many of these are. How many things do I use or benefit from every day that someone broke their back to make? I'm sure many many more than I could ever imagine. Grateful for the hard working people that make the world go round.


i used to work very fast with machines in metal construction work. until one day i almost lost my left hand. makes you think twice if working fast with those machines is worth it, especially when you want to keep playing the guitar. edit: i forgot to insert "for a shit salary", losing your hand for bs. thank God in the netherlands we have good surgeons and my fingers got healed nicely.
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