Mountain Bikers Let Six Massive Bull Elk Pass (Watch)

Mountain Bikers Let Six Massive Bull Elk Pass (Watch)

Male elk, also known as bulls, are known to gather in ‘bachelor parties’ in the time leading up to mating season.

The bulls use this time to spar, and gain mass, to prepare for a long season of battling it out with other bulls in their aggressive, hormone-fueled pursuit of creating their own harem of mates.

The video below shows a bachelor party of six males walking along a mountain biking path in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.

Watch as the mountain bikers stand very calmly to the side of the trail and let the elk pass them in peace.

It must have been a very tense moment.

Video uploaded to Facebook by James Mason.

The mountain bikers did everything right in this video. They gave the elk plenty of space and stood still.

Keep an eye out for a bachelor party of elk next summer when you’re recreating in the mountains!

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