This Is How These 15 Animals Lay Eggs

The miracle of life begins with birth. For much of the animal kingdom, that means one word: eggs. Not the breakfast kind. We all know about chicken's eggs, but what about the other animals out there that people seem to ignore What are their eggs like From a pretty gross household bug to a reptile with some funky colored eggs, This Is How These 15 Animals Lay Eggs! ► For copyright matters please contact us:

I don't think it's disgusting I think it's amazing. I spent half an hour filming snails eating on top of a palm leaf 🍃 I found them after putting a slug I found on the porch underneath a bush so he didn't get stuck when the sun came up. So much wonder goes on in the world big and small and most of us just pass by it everyday and take it for granted. I believed it until the turtle part. Terrestrial turtles do that, but Sea turtles, as shown, only lay eggs on the beach it originally hatched on and abandon the well hidden nest.. once the juveniles hatch, they crawl to the sea and once they start mating, they always return to the area or beach of birth. Sea Turtles are expert sea travelers can travel thousands of miles, and its long been known they return to their birthplaces to lay eggs..
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