WATCH: Dirt Biker Sends It Down Ski Jump Landing (Illegal)

WATCH: Dirt Biker Sends It Down Ski Jump Landing (Illegal)


It probably goes without needing to be said, but just in case- DO NOT TRY ANYTHING YOU’RE ABOUT TO SEE AT HOME.

YouTube channel OlaBMX recorded himself sending a massive ski jump landing on his dirt bike for all of us to enjoy.

He claims that the activity is illegal, and you can tell by the way he high-tails it out of there that he doesn’t want to stick around to find out.

The video is embedded to start just a few seconds before the action starts.

It’s kind of hard to appreciate just how steep that slope is from the GoPro footage, but folks, that is one STEEP hill to ride a dirt bike down.

According to the USSA, most ski jump landings in North America are around 35-38 degrees in pitch. That’s a little bit steeper than a groomed black diamond ski run in the American west, depending on where you are.

That should put it into perspective 

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