What A Man Filmed In India Shocked The Entire World

India is sure a land full of mysteries, there are floating villages, cryptid alien creatures, Ghoulish fish, suicidal birds, cursed witches and whatnot.. Stay with us to find out what a man in India filmed that shocked the whole world.. For Copyright Issues, Please Feel Free to E-mail me: thesqueezedlemon1@gmail.com

Just because they're different doesn't mean that they are dangerous! Leave them alone, and maybe we can learn something from/about them? I never see them trying to hurt anyone, usually they are just escaping us. I think , well, I hope that if I ever have this opportunity- that I can not wet myself and meet an angel? Who knows.


Nothing is shocking or surprising in this world of technology - you can create anything... all you need is a bizzare imagination... but also, there is no shortage of people who believe in anything without a second thought.. that reminds me, you have to have a thing called brain to have a thought in the first place....
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