Discover the Amazing Story: The Needleman Catches “Monsters” Catfish Weighing More Than 100kg

Discover the Amazing Story: The Needleman Catches “Monsters” Catfish Weighing More Than 100kg


In a great fishing experience like never before, Ditch Ballard – a professional angler – caught a giant catfish in the Spanish River, weighing up to 100kg. This catfish grows to 2.5 meters long, roughly the length of a small car, and pulled Ditch Ballard’s boat nearly a mile downstream while he was trying to control it.Ditch Ballard, who runs a fishing company and guides Ebro Mad Cats fishing holidays in southern Catalonia, shared the incredible experience on Facebook. He describes the moment he noticed the line bent and realized he might have caught a giant catfish.

The drag of the fish caused Ditch Ballard’s boat to “untie” and stretch along the Ebro River, as he struggled to hold on and find a way to deal with the giant prey. Even though it was a staggering minus 3 degrees, he didn’t stop to grab a hat or shoes from the shelter on the boat.

As the fight dragged on, the initial adrenaline rush subsided and his body felt fatigued, and his body temperature dropped. However, Ditch Ballard never gave up, and after several minutes of struggle, the giant catfish emerged. He summed up its powerful jaws, a battle full of drama and wonder.

After putting on cold gloves and gathering strength, Ditch Ballard finally successfully harvested his “monster” catch. He describes it as the biggest battle of his fishing career, and after the final runs, he smiles happily at his well-deserved reward.

Although it weighs up to 100kg, this catfish is still not the largest catfish ever caught. That record belongs to angler Attila Zsedely, who caught a nearly 135kg catfish from the Po River in Italy in 2010.

After the fiery battle, Ditch Ballard released the catfish back into the water, leaving it free to continue in its natural environment.

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